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Guestbook entries from September 2005 (3)

    • Richard Senn
    • London, UK
    • 28 September, 2005

    Excellent site, very informative, superb info that doesn't exist elsewhere.
    Keep up the good work.

    • greg mitchell
    • Surrey
    • 12 September, 2005

    Great site Mark,

    Just revisited the world of Musical Fidelity with the A100 amp. I used to have an A1 back in the 80's and had forgotten how good they were and still are!. So far my LP12/Lingo/Ekos/Arkiv and my Roksan Xerxes/SME V/AT-OC9 have had me smiling, both running through A100's phono stage which, imho, puts many outboard phono stages to shame, I kid ye not!

    Just got the nerve up to open her up and low and behold half a tonne of dust (glad I did read through your site otherwise would not have known about heat sink compound!!)

    Now looks as good as new and thankfully both fans are spinning freely without dodgy bearing noise - yes the fans are going to make a noise but so what? turn the amp up a notch and just forget it.......before you know it its 7.00am, break a couple of eggs and some bacon on the heat sink and keep on smiling.

    • Alan Parekh
    • Canada
    • 11 September, 2005

    Nice projects, I like the battery monitor...