Welcome to my guestbook, where you can see what previous visitors think about this site and my projects and articles. Many thanks to everyone who has left messages - your feedback really is appreciated!

Guestbook entries from December 2005 (7)

    • Pravardhan
    • Bangalore, India
    • 25 December, 2005

    Well, I liked ur home page & ur works are clean & neat. I read ur articles & they are very good!


    • Alfredo Gaggero
    • Uruguay
    • 22 December, 2005

    Really a fine place ,with a handful of information about pics and other stuff. Well done folk!

    • Simon Jones
    • London
    • 19 December, 2005

    Lovely site! Came here on a search for "dual tracking bench psu" and ended up browsing for ages! I'm just reviving my long dormant electronics hobby and obviously a decent PSU is the first thing I need... I'll probably nick some of your ideas if yoy don't mind.

    Got lucky with a scope... found a Tek 465B on the street next to some rubbish bins. After letting it dry out from the rain and reseating some of the socketed transistors in the timebase section it seems to work fine!

    Love the Audax monitors, they really do look gorgeous.


    • joao cardoso
    • Portugal
    • 14 December, 2005

    Looking for PIC chips i found your site. It is a great site with a lot of good explanations.

    • Peter Mulholland
    • Norwich, UK
    • 13 December, 2005

    Good to see you're finally settled in your new place. Having moved twice fairly recently I know what hell it is. I'm glad you made it through OK.

    Looking forward to some new stuff to read about from you soon :)

    • Stew
    • Alberta, Canada
    • 7 December, 2005

    Well, I've lurked onto your pages before, and have seen your handiwork as well as others, via

    I must say that my DIY efforts pale by comparison, but at least we have the same taste in books (Is that Horowitz and Hill on your bookcase?). Nicely constructed, without a bunch of "audiophile" type discussion. I could be classified as an "audiophile", but there is SO much pretension built into that label. I've been a proponent of good doesn't = expensive (all the time). There are some true bargains out there if one wants to have fun and enjoy music rather than equipment.

    I find that simplicity in design and execution is what we should all strive for (the "Zen" thing if you will). Might I add a minor criticism? An extended listening impression or conclusions area would be nice and of course comments of use with different loudspeaker types if possible. Nice page, and very straight forward without any "flash", again good basic design. Thank you for your contribution to truly good content on the Internet, and specifically the clarity of language and the restricted use of "flowery" language. :-)


    • Kris Dissanayake
    • Sri-Lanka
    • 2 December, 2005

    easy now! superb design. specialy well organized!!

    i'm curretly learning pic programming!
    thinking of making digital controled sound processors for uk market! ST ics will be used! i hope i could reach my goal one day!

    keep up with your works mate!