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Guestbook entries from November 2005 (3)

    • Matt Meyer
    • Los Angeles
    • 26 November, 2005

    So I purchased a set of Rogers Studio1's back in 1988 w.o realizing what I had. I've loved them.

    But now, with all the new technology and wonderful speakers out there, I am thinking of upgrading my home theatre. The question for you folks is -- would you replace the Rogers (No, I am NOT selling them!) and if so, with what?


    • Naresh
    • India
    • 22 November, 2005

    About your website -Inspiring and Innovative !

    • James Power
    • Ireland
    • 4 November, 2005

    Well done.
    A very well put togeather site good simple information about a subject which can be very complex.
    Look forward to useing the site in future.