Welcome to my guestbook, where you can see what previous visitors think about this site and my projects and articles. Many thanks to everyone who has left messages - your feedback really is appreciated!

Guestbook entries from April 2005 (6)

    • Goran Poprzen
    • Calgary, Canada (close to North Pole :)
    • 22 April, 2005

    Hi, Mark
    I found your site very informative. Lots of good links, too. Well, we bought a house two months ago and right now I'm in the process of planning how to setup my little electronic hobby workshop in the basement. If you don't mind, I would like to use some ideas from your DIY/workshop pages.


    • John Boyles
    • Oxford, England
    • 15 April, 2005

    bought rogers ravensbourne when it appeared,it was a very good amp in its day. the variable slope filter was very useful for taking out background hiss on vinyl and would still be useful on amplifiers today i remember it worked very well with celestion ditton 15's a good alternative to rogers speakers are the older spendors(bc1) or harbeths all built to bbc specifications

    • Robert
    • Melbourne, Australia
    • 7 April, 2005

    Hi Mark,

    I have only recently become aware of your website after acquiring a pair of Musical Fidelity ma50's. One of which needs a mains transformer replaced. I am told by the local repair people (recommended by the distributors here for Mus.Fidelity products) that they cannot trace one here. They have also said that they are trying the UK but don't know whether they can source one there either. I have'nt even got to listen to them at home yet!! I wonder if you have come across this before? I imagine I could have an external transformer fitted to each if it goes that way with the supply of these parts.

    But back to your fine efforts as a web host! This is a very impressive site with more information on the featured items that the manufacturers would ever include or be bothered to tell us. Your passion is evident in bundles.

    Great work and keep it up.

    • Stewart Emmings
    • England
    • 5 April, 2005

    Hi There;

    Most informative - as an owner of 2 original pairs of LS 5/8 loudspeakers with AM 8/16 amplifiers I learned much of some of the problems I myself am experiencing with the units as they age although it has to be said my main pair function perfectly. Many thanks for the detail on the Quad 405's!

    • Paul Toye
    • Brighton, UK
    • 1 April, 2005

    Hi Mark, I've found your site very informative, especially the Rogers section. I have run a pair of LS7t's for years with an Audiolab CD & Cyrus Amp/PSX and think they are just brilliant. I recently went "AV", bought a monster Rotel processor/amp and have considered changing the speakers for a surround package. Everything I've heard so far is simply nasty (PMC, KEF, etc), hence I'm trying to find a centre speaker that has a similar tonal balance to the good old LS7t's. Has anyone contacted you with any possible suggestions (except for another LS7t as I don't want that big bass driver magnet anywhere near the TV screen!). Many thanks for the good reading, Paul

    • T.Q.Choudhury
    • Dhaka, Bangladesh
    • 1 April, 2005

    Dear Mark,
    At the risk of looking overjoyed, this is one of THE BEST site I have seen. Logical and very informative.
    A beginner that I am, I am still groping at the File adressess. To be precise suppose that I want to declare any variable say Count, is it only the GP registers that I can use? i.e Count equ 0Ch, or 0Dh etc. In some places I have seen declaration like: Count equ 08h.
    Perhaps you couls add a few para on variable declaration to make your tutorial more complete