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Guestbook entries from May 2005 (3)

    • Morten
    • Sorø, Denmark
    • 25 May, 2005

    Great site. Very informative. I read and learn a lot about programing the PIC16F84

    I hobe you vill make more pages.

    God side. Meget informativ. Jeg har læst og lært meget om programering af PIC16F84

    Great work and keep it up.
    Cheers, Morten.

    • Bernard
    • California, USA
    • 17 May, 2005

    Great site. Very informative. I just acquired a pair of Rogers LS6 and I am blown away by them. I am using them as monitors for my home studio. They seem to be extremely true and it is amazing how much bottom you get from these, they are light in weight. The black cylinder that fits into the bass port had come loose. I put them back in place. The side that is in the speaker I put the cut away side face up. I think that is right. Do you know for sure? Thanks. Keep up the great work. Bernard

    • Michael Perini
    • Bucks County, Pennsylvania USA (near Philadelphia)
    • 9 May, 2005

    Love the site, You obviously put a great deal of work into it, Thank You.

    I am a retired financial services exec. who has the luxury of developing just enough knowledge to be dangerous in a number of topics. My son David is a recording engineer and producer who is begining to develop some substantial credits (Maria Cary, Luthor Vandros, Pat Metheny, original cast album Hairspray). He worked for several years at one of New York's largest recording studios-Right Track Recording where he had access to the finest equipment, - their newest 5.1 control room had Soffet mounted Genelec mains that cost over $250k US. So when he went out on his own he had golden ears with an aluninum budget. Therefore he setteled on the obligatory Yamaha ns10's for nearfields Tannoy 12" Dual Concentrics for mids.

    On a lark one day I pulled out my 20 year old Rogers Studio 1's -- and everyone was BLOWN AWAY . He used them for several months ( always at reasonable levels) and one day one speaker was dead. No sound at all. We've been looking in vain for a repair facility who knew the speakers to no avail. Afraid to trust them to somone who might repair them but change their voice.

    So they've been idle for a year. The NS 10's have been replaced /augmented by a new pair of Genelec 8050's at $2000 US each. They are spectacular nearfields but a bit clinical (as they should be) when compared to our memory of the Rogers. It seems to us the combination of the Rogers & Genelecs would yield Spectacular Mixes.