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Guestbook entries from August 2005 (4)

    • Jan Rasmussen
    • Denmark
    • 29 August, 2005

    Nice page Mark.
    Like the layout and content :)


    • Brett
    • Brisbane, Australia
    • 27 August, 2005

    I love the work you have done.

    I am 13 and always looking for somthing new to do i save the projects into word so i could print them out a school.

    keep up the great work


    • Tony
    • Crawley, Sussex
    • 25 August, 2005

    I have been into hifi since is was 13 and have gone through numerous setup including a thorens michell hydro referance rotel, and a & r amps to cd players os various dubious quality but because vinyl became hard to get Doh! ??

    so one day im looking in a dodgy seconhand shop window and saw a pair of rogers studio ones on rogers stands these were the stuff of dreams when i was 17-22 so parting with 125 quid i took them home polished out the scratches goodbye mordaunt short ms25i pearls wow i had a pair of sony apm22es which klled everthing around but these ageing rockers blew them away the control was unbelivable ive now gone full circle managed to get a vellerman 4040 4 kt88 driven valve amp 45 wpc pure class a reengineered by an old GEC chap who built it this is fed by a denon 1905 for just the main left and right its a digital 7.1 job but very good a nakamichi av10 bridged powers a wharfdale 12" sub

    the pride and joy is a systemdek ii ex with a linn basik and goldring gx1012 which i prised out of a sellers hand for 150 quid when i was a teenager this lot would have cost a years salary now i can fully apprecaite the quality of sound that went into vinyl. the rogers are too clinical for ordinary CD the amp does soften sound a little but produces around 40 amps thats a lot of punch watts dont matter with valves. DVD audio and SACD are ok but vinyl is king rogers deserve vinyl and valves

    • Boris
    • 1 August, 2005

    You are the best...

    I did it...New A1...with separated PSU, loudspeaker protection, Alps, WBT, Cardas, good capacitors...

    Fantastic smooth sound, a lot of temperature and that's it...

    Best regards and all the best

    Thank you for all your support