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Guestbook entries from February 2005 (4)

    • Paul MacLeod
    • Bristol, UK
    • 28 February, 2005

    Fantastic. I learnt more over my lunch break than I did all weekend. Just one thing, 'Interrupts'.
    Ah, well. I'll just have to keep searching.

    Thanks very much,


    • Burhan ISIK
    • Turkey/Istanbul
    • 14 February, 2005

    Dear Mark;
    Thank you for the lots of valuable informations about PIC programming. I have found it excellent for the beginners of PIC programming. I am looking forward to seeing the completed part of APPLICATIONS SECTION. I would like to do more than LED switching.!

    Thanks again.

    • eric wardle
    • Woking
    • 11 February, 2005

    I have just unwrapped one of a pair of rogers bbc monitors (export) that have been stored in my wardrobe for 20 years !!

    The pair were bought from new around 1972 from chew and osbourne in essex.

    Using a CD test disk with Cyrus Quattro + Cyrus Q power amp (50watts) revealed a good base, mid range a bit scratchy, and super treble fine.

    After around half an hours run, things improved and it sounded very respectable- and that's running just one speaker

    I am so impressed that I am contemplating tidying them both up (internal wiring very thin, outlet sockets replace with proper screw terminals ) providing the wife can be persauded to have them back in the lounge (luckily they are in good shape, teak with a black/gold material on the front).

    thanks for the potted history of the rogers.

    Eric Wardle

    • andy patel
    • UK
    • 3 February, 2005

    Stumbled on your website by accident. Great Rogers section. The info on your website is clear, concise, without padding !

    I have been using Rogers and Quad from the begining (Cadet 3 and Ravensbourne amps, though feel sorry to have disposed of them then. Quad 33/303 and 34/306 still in use today). Always had Rogers speakers from the begining because of their sound. Wonder if anyone remembers their Wafer speakers. Have been using Studio 1a for the last 12ish years, without any problems, apart from cabinet re-finishing with teak oil. They sound best standing on bags of sand (aesthetically concealed of course) in fact any 'dead' ganular material like bags of salt used in water-softner, or 10 KG bags of grain etc.