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Guestbook entries from January 2005 (6)

    • Rusty
    • UK
    • 27 January, 2005

    Excellent site. Keep working on the applications I need all the help I can get!

    • Rob Heijnen
    • Netherlands
    • 26 January, 2005

    At last i found some information about my loudspeakers, and i like your site very much.
    Please go on with your site, i will meet this site a lot more now i know it. And i will put it to my favorits.
    Thanks Mark, regards Rob

    • jean claude fourriere
    • France
    • 23 January, 2005

    HI !

    I just read about ROGERS on Internet I was the french importer of ROGERS products from 1973 to 1978 or 79, I don't remenber exactly, with the company I create for this products, VALOIS DISTRIBUTION !< /br>Th "Revue du Son" gave very good tests about LS3/5 and Rogers BBC MOnitor at this time. I made also DECCA inclosures with there ribbon tweeter, and also an home made audio reference. My company stopped in 1986, and I restart in 1988, by building large cold plasma speaker called Tolteque AHL, and electrostatic game with the same name.At this time, I try to sell improvement about electrostatic loudspeaker for efficiency, bandwith,reliability, in USA. Thank you again for the interest about ROGERS. Jim Rogers was a good man, and I like his large ribbon midrange/tweeter he made at home
    Yours sincerely


    • Ken Owens
    • Addlestone in Surrey UK
    • 21 January, 2005

    Brilliant site Mark, can't wait get hold of an A1 to mess about with. Using a couple of home built EL34 PP monoblocks at the present time. I have quite a lot of Sony gear as I used to work there as a bench audio engineer (we could get it cheap graded stock). Surprised you did not like the DTC1000 Dat machine, we used to get a lot of these in for service from professional studios like EMI. I use a much later machine and I think it is great. Also have the 510 minidisc which is awful, the transport problems were caused by the microswitches which used to go O/C. Thanks for a really good read, about the best I have seen. I will keep returning to see any updates, I find it hard to believe that the Gainclone can be that good, we used to use a lot of the LM O/P i/c's in the cheaper Sony gear, but I suppose don't knock it until you have heard it !!!

    • Paul
    • Clacton on-sea, Essex
    • 16 January, 2005

    Hi Mark,

    Thanks for doing the site on ROGER SPEAKERS, it's been a joy reading about all the different models there were i did not know there were so many that they had made.I once had a pair of LS4a/2 speakers and i loved the sound of these (my dad owned them but passed away some years back so that's how i got hold of them), any way after some time of using them my dear young son decided to blow them up for me this caused the main drivers to give up "i have still got the tweeters, and crossover in my garage stored up as spares". I have been looking everywere for these speakers eg:hi-fi mag's, internet etc,etc there was one time i saw these speakers for sale that was in a hi-fi mag i think they were going for £70 somewere in london but i lost the sale on them. Well i shall keep looking for them or the next model up from the LS4a/2 (not sure which model that is), i now have a pair of MONITOR AUDIO silver 5i these sound nowhere near as good as the LS speakers. Well thanks for reading this email and keep up the good work,
    yours sincerely
    p clarke

    • O.W. Gilmore
    • Ottawa, Canada
    • 6 January, 2005

    This winter, I decided to learn about PICs and in particular the programming of same. Your site has been the best one yet to get a feel for PIC Programming. I am book marking your site with the intent to visit it on a regular basis for further Programming lessons. If you do add more on the PIC, I would be interested in "interupt operations".
    Keep up the good work!