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    • Singapore
    • 27 August, 2020

    Dear Mark,

    I happen to stumble upon your website in one of the diy audio forums. Your website is very informative and your photos are high resolution which are rare for diy audio websites.

    I'm presently recapping my NAD3240PE amplifier, and also completed doing the same thing for my older NAD7155 FM Radio integrated amplifier (the FM tuner is dead already!).

    I only read your section on multimeters so far, and find it very helpful, as I used that to help me decide on my purchase of a new RS PRO multimeter.

    I'm a diy audio hobbyist, starting to tinker around with PCBs, soldering, learning to read circuit diagrams and taking apart electrical appliances and old radios since pre-teen years....

    I'll look through your other sections and I'm sure I will find them interesting.

    Many thanks for sharing your experience and technical knowledge!

    Best regards and take care!