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Guestbook entries from November 2020 (1)

    • Tony H
    • Bristol, UK
    • 21 November, 2020

    Hi Mark,

    Like many other visitors, I linked to your voltage reference articles from eevblog, and found a wealth of valuable knowledge and information! Many more hours to be lost reading things on your web site I fear...

    Our backgrounds are not dissimilar, I also had a Garrard 2025 and mended or stripped many electronic things as I grew up. Also worked in broadcasting, so very familiar with LS3/5a BC1 Eng Inf etc, but drifted into IT by the mid '80s. My old web site went when Freeserve folded, but I have a small one at for those repairs I feel might help someone else or save some landfill.

    Thanks you for documenting your labours - as you say in your 'About' it can be very time-consuming - especially the budget multi-meters.

    Stay safe - Tony H.

    P.S. I was never keen on the BC1 for speech - much too harsh in the middle frequency range. Superb clarity with orchestra though!