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Guestbook entries from June 2020 (4)

    • Jonathan Bliss
    • Roscommon, Ireland
    • 23 June, 2020

    Hi, I always happen upon your page when I Google for ATC SCM20's. I used to own a really good pair myself, I loved them.

    Had several amps with them including a pro amplifier - MC2 Audio MC650 - 350W. It really worked with them, filling out the soundstage more so than other amps I tried such as the Michell Alecto mono blocks.

    Alas, I decided my room was too large for them, so sold them on for some large JBLs, probably too large now.

    If I ever found another nice pair I might just have to go for them again.

    Love the fact you are so knowledgeable about such things and even building your own amps. Must be very satisfying.

    All the best, Jon

    • Nick
    • W Wales
    • 19 June, 2020

    Fab resource!
    Lots of reading to be had
    Have bookmarked, will return.

    • Duncan Lucas
    • Scotland
    • 17 June, 2020

    Like you my first "quality" record player was a Garrard 2025TC, I too changed the ceramic cartridge for a MM one.

    We hold the same interests although I think I am a bit older than you---old engineers never die they only fade away.

    • David
    • Wakefield
    • 5 June, 2020

    just thought I'd have a look at your website and then spent a couple of enjoyable hours going through it! I particularly enjoyed reading about your Hacker volume control repairs and your NICAM decoder project!