Bedroom 3

This was the first room I tackled, and I decided to go for a really strong colour. Dulux Zingy Yellow is the boldest colour I've ever seen, and I think it's great!

Bedroom 3 (10K)
Bedroom 3 (8K)

Before the job offer we used this room as an office - I made a desk from an off-cut of breakfast-bar worktop which was 40mm thick and 900mm deep. It's basically the size of a single bed, and was supported by a couple of cabinets made from MDF.

Office desk (9K)
Office desk (7K)

These were taken before I replaced the carpet. Also, I hadn't fitted the doors to the cabinet. The idea was for two tower cases to fit in each cabinet, and this worked out really well...

Office sockets (7K)
Office shelves (10K)

As this was an office, I needed connectivity. With apologies for the lighting, you can see three cat-5 sockets, a phone line and a TV point. The image on the right shows the shelves I made to store folders and books, etc. This is 18mm MDF, joined using dowel-joints resulting in no visible fittings. It sits on some batons, and is held to the wall on the top with some metal brackets. There was an enormous amount of weight on them, and they didn't complain. I had planned to paint them navy blue to match the theme of the room...