Bedroom 1

After the neutral colours throughout the downstairs, we wanted some colour in the bedrooms. Given that this room is long and thin, we wanted a scheme that would make the room appear to be more square in proportion. We think that we achieved this - the long walls are painted with Dulux Ivory, and the shorter walls are Dulux Rich Red.

Bedroom 1 (9K)
Bedroom 1 (7K)

I don't recommend this if you're a perfectionist - it took me hours to cut in the two different colours in the corners! Still, the results are pretty good, if I say so myself...

As the furniture is pine, we stripped the window sill. I tried this first in the second bedroom, and to my surprise discovered a decent quality piece of timber under all the paint.

There's also a TV point - again, this was very popular!

Bedroom 1 (8K)
Bedroom 1 (12K)

This is the view from the other end, showing the built in wardrobe. You can also see the pine rack that used to have all my hi-fi on. The cupboards originally had a crude shelf made from 15mm Contiboard, placed on the batons used to hold the hanging rail. This board sagged under its own weight, and prevented you from being able to get hangers on and off of the rail. I've replace these in all rooms with proper batons and 18mm MDF - and even carpeted them!