Bedroom 2

This was the second room we decorated, and we still like the choices we made. It's a nicely proportioned room, but was painted in a horrid pale blue - not a great idea for a north-facing room. We've warmed it up nicely...

Bedroom 2 (7K)
Bedroom 2 (10K)

The colours are Dulux Orange Tropics and Dulux Sunkissed Yellow. They work really well together with the pine and blue carpet.

Bedroom 2 (9K)
Bedroom 2 window sill (9K)

The close-up here doesn't really do justice to the window sill. It was sanded down and given several coats of Danish Oil, which is my favourite finish for wood. Unlike varnish, it doesn't form a film that can chip and discolour, and it also allows UV through to the wood, allowing it to darken and age in the sunlight. This sill was almost white when first uncovered. It also feels really nice!