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Guestbook entries from 2021 (3)

    • James
    • U.K
    • 1 November, 2021

    Thanks for your great website! My love affair with the MF A1 began when I saw 2 x old amps lying on the tarmac at a car boot sale over 10 years ago. Upon investigation I saw a scruffy old Cambridge Audio amp - and the very dated and unusual looking A1 which I had never seen before. I was impressed by the 'Made in England', the hand written serial number and the weight of the unit and I asked what he wanted for them to which the gentleman replied ' a tenner for the pair'. I offered him £7.50 for the pair (you have to haggle lol) and he accepted!

    When I got them home the Cambridge Audio worked but was quickly forgotten when I fired up the A1 - wow! - what a beautiful sound through my Mission 753's. I was blown away by the presence and depth especially after it the unit had warmed up! I have a MF A100 as my main amp now but the A1 is always on standby! I swear it still sounds better than the A100! This was and still is the best purchase of my life and I feel embarrassed for having haggled the guy down from £10!

    Thanks again for having such an excellent resource available for everyone!

    • Lucas Toledo
    • Pelotas, RS, Brasil
    • 5 July, 2021

    Great projects, high carefully and beaty. Congratulations by this website!

    • Arthur Manolopoulos
    • Sydney, Australia
    • 26 May, 2021

    Greetings from 'Down Under'!
    Thank you Mark for a wonderful 'trip' down memory lane.

    A pair of LS7t is keeping me entertained as I scribe these lines and, although I also have a pair of large Thiel CS6 towers, I find that the 'good old' Rogers are being used much more than the large Americans! Especially for night listening at modest levels, they are simply, Magic!
    Planning to replace all capacitors in their crossovers soon and I take your advice not to look for expensive alternatives.
    I will stick to good quality electrolytics as you suggest.

    Thanks again for sharing all this information with the rest of us.
    Best regards!