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Guestbook entries from December 2010 (3)

    • Howard M
    • Birmingham, UK
    • 29 December, 2010

    Excellent PIC primer, dude - having got the hang of Arduinos and AVR stuff, really wanted to have a go with PICs but it all seemed waaay too advanced until I came across these pages. Many thanks :)

    • gokul
    • India
    • 28 December, 2010

    PIC programming article is so good for beginners.
    i request to add c programming article for PIC 16,18 series.

    • Wayne Robinson
    • UK
    • 12 December, 2010

    What a brilliant website, I am just starting with PIC Programming and to read something that assures me I am taking the right path is really great :)
    Thank you for sharing your work & experiences